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Telford & Wrekin Council for Voluntary Services

Who we are:

Telford and Wrekin Council for Voluntary Service (CVS) is a local charity dedicated to social development and individual wellbeing.

Our goal:


Telford & Wrekin CVS aims to bring together organisations which are important in the life of the community so that they can work together effectively for the good of the area by:


  • Improving Co-operation;

  • Expressing social needs;

  • Sharing information;

  • Helping to direct resources to areas of greatest need;

  • Promoting direct services;

  • Encouraging self-help.


It consists of representatives of voluntary and community organisations concerned with family welfare, disability, health, community affairs and amenities, together with representatives of the local authority and other statutory services.

What we do:


We work in partnership to advise, connect and inspire people in Telford to improve lives in communities.

We provide a range of projects that are intended to encourage community members to be active in improving their quality of life.


We provide a range of emotional and practical support and focus on a ‘Think Family’ approach. We support people within our community that may be considered vulnerable, including those with autism and children and young people with disabilities and special educational needs.

We provide:

  • A forum for the exchange of ideas and evaluation of services;

  • Relevant information and support to voluntary and community organisations working in Telford & Wrekin;

  • A recruitment and placement service for volunteer which also aims to develop good practice in volunteering;

  • Information and support to Parents/Carers of children with Special Educational Needs;

  • Information and support to Adult Carers and Young Carers;

  • Information and support to people living with autism;

  • A community café.

The CVS is affiliated to the National Association for Voluntary and Community Action (NAVCA), the National Council for Voluntary Organisations (NCVO).

Telford and Wrekin CVS is a registered charity supported by grants in aid from the local public authorities and various funding bodies with which it has good relationships and is hopeful of continued support from them.

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