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JE built his confidence

JE has joined as a BBO participant in October 2018. JE was very shy and underconfident when she walked in to meet the Project Coordinator for her initial assessment.

JE wanted to build up her confidence to go back to work. Despite being highly qualified JE found it very difficult to tap into Job market. It seemed to be the biggest problem for her. JE struggled with selling self with others. Being autistic also didn’t help and added to his problem.


BBO project coordinator encouraged and convinced JE to start volunteering, which will help her to develop her confidence level.  JE joined the café – Madeley wellbeing Café end of January as a Team Member. JE was initially very shy and was hesitant to work along with other volunteers. JE wanted to come only after the café was closed to do washing up.  The café Coordinator insisted and persuaded JE to come in during the opening hours of café so that she could gain work experience and develop her social skills in order to come out of her nutshell.  JE agreed to do so and as a result she has improved her communication skills.   


JE has been volunteering for 10 weeks in the café now and gradually opened to other team members. From being in the kitchen only JE has moved to the Front of House and started interacting with customers. Her confidence has boosted up and it was quite visible to the member of the Team as well. JE has made friends along the way. While she was volunteering JE started to apply for jobs and eventually she got into full time employment. It is a great achievement for JE. Volunteering in café has supported her to overcome her barriers.

PM became a phone friend - volunteer

This gentlemen has been a Phone Friend volunteer with the service for the last 2 years. he cared for his wife for some years before she passed away and wanted to use his experience to help another carer. We paired him with someone whose wife has been diagnosed with the same illness, and he calls him once a week for a chat (about 20 mins-half an hour) - they talk about anything and everything and have become firm friends!


Create Autism friendly Environment 

MS attended the Hub from March 2017. He was struggling in work and at home and always felt different. His Mum was concerned that he may lose his job and that he was lacking in confidence. During his assessment the difficulties he was encountering at work became apparent and that more support would be needed. MS was diagnosed with ASD 20th September 2017.

Having the diagnosis really helped MS and his family to understand his difficulties and things started to change for the better at home. MS understood why certain things were happening and started to appreciate why people react in certain ways. He also started to use some of the strategies given to him to help him overcome his anxiety.

However, MS was still struggling at work. A meeting was arranged for him to meet with his manager and a member of staff from the Autism Hub attended the meeting. During the meeting ASD was explained and why MS struggled in certain situations. Some general autism awareness was given to MS' team. The meeting was really positive, and the team have started to change and adapt the way they do things. This has had a positive impact on MS and his anxiety. He is much happier at work, happier at home and people around him are starting to understand that some of his difficulties are autism related.

Young people participated in decision making 

Telford and Wrekin CVS have worked alongside Telford and Wrekin Local Authority to ensure that young people with special educational needs and disabilities are able to express their views  through “Information advice & support” service (IASS) and have a voice in relation to principles laid out in Section 19 of the Children and Families Act 2014:-

  • The participation of young people in decision making

  • Greater choice and control for young people

SEND IASS project was able to identify a number of young people who had been supported by the service.  They wanted to share their own experiences of what they felt was working well and their views on improvements that could help promote better outcomes in relation to their education, health and social needs.   The young people have a range of difficulties which have had an impact on their education.   The development of the forum for young people in Telford and Wrekin is also a SEND priority for the local authority as a platform for young people’s views and consultation on specific aspects of SEND.


In consultation with the SEND Team and the SENDIASS Service Maria Morgan (the young person’s case worker) a group of young people from the SENDIASS Service have developed a regular group.  Their initial meetings at the Telford and Wrekin CVS Glebe Centre have now become a regular feature at the Madeley Community Café.  The group of young people come together, share experiences and participate in social activities, whilst developing independent life skills.  Sessions have been centered around what the young people decide and have included, a bake off and pizza making sessions. The group have also been involved in creating their own group name; Shout Out for SEND; and redesigning the SENDIASS young people service leaflet and have created their own SOS logo. They also now have a closed Facebook page to enable them to share views. 

The group sessions are also a good way of young people being able to share views on a number of topics.  They have been visited by a representative from Telford and Wrekin Local authority and have already been consulted in relation to Telford and Wrekin Local Offer and will be part of future consultations as part of Telford and Wrekin SEND Strategy.


The SENDIASS Service has worked collaboratively with other local organisations and CVS projects, including The Autism Hub, Young Carers and sensory inclusion service.The group enables the young people to have a voice in relation to what matters to them as a young person with a special educational need or disability and how local services are delivered  in a timely way to support good outcomes for those  young people in preparing them for adulthood.

BW integrated into the community

BW has learning difficulties and autism. She joined TWCVS as an hospitality volunteer. BW started with us with a full time carer to minimise the risk of her not coping. She created a mobile refreshment trolley to take refreshments around our offices. BW had little experience of using money. The trolley provided an opportunity to donate when buying hot drinks and cake. BW quickly became a popular addition to the entire building, engaging with all clients and tenants. It quickly became obvious she didn’t require a carer and was more capable than we first thought.


During the year BW’s confidence grew. She was part of a video clip showcasing her hospitality.

BW was keen to branch out her trolley with a weekly tuckshop. The tuckshop enabled her to work further on her money management skills as it had a till. During the year TWCVS spoke to an additional café environment and jointly settled BW into a volunteer placement each week. She continues her work at the other placement. She plans the stock, supports setting the costs for the tuckshop and ordering stock rotation. With support from our BBO programme, BW was enabled to take part in independent transport training. A bespoke package with autism west Midlands who supported her to access the bus route. BW now travels independently to her volunteer placements without the need for Mom to transfer her. BW is also now a volunteer at our Madeley café.

The outcomes for BW have been incredible and she is very much a member of our TWCVS team.


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