Smaller meeting rooms

For a smaller meeting room, you might like to book either Oak, Elm or Ash rooms. For individual layouts for these rooms please see the information below.

Flipchart, laptop and projector are available,  in each room.

(’Smart TV’ in Elm room)

No VAT to pay

Tea and coffee can be provided at £1 per head, or for provision of hot water flasks and cups; 25p per head.

For enquiries or bookings, please contact the main CVS office 01952 567800 or click the buttons to email

Oak Room:

Ideal for that small meeting, our Oak room will comfortably seat up to 6 people

Oak room


In addition we have:


Teak and Willow Rooms


Elm Room:

Our Elm room has the option of a more informal layout if you should choose

Elm room


Ash Room:

A similar style room; Ash also offers the user mobile partitions, for more versatility

Ash room

Table of charges for each room shown below:

Hourly Rate Half Day* *e.g. a 4 hour booking Full Day *e.g. an 8 hour booking
Oak Room £12 £10 £20 £15 £40 £30
Elm Room £12 £10 £42 £32 £84 £64
Ash Room £12 £10 £40 £30 £80 £60
Sycamore Room £12 £10 £20 £15 £40 £30
Teak Room £12 £10 £20 £15 £40 £30
Willow Room £12 £10 £20 £15 £40 £30

B – business rate
C- charity rate
room hire available between 08:00am and 08:00pm